A wife, first time mom and 1 of 5 sisters.

A virtual big-sister to those who seek my knowledge and advice.

Sharing my experiences to better yours!

Why the Housewife

I grew up in a house with four sisters, my mother and father.

My sisters and I are all so different yet so alike. It’s very hard to tell where we get many of our great qualities from. What I do know for a fact is that we all compliment one another very well and can execute projects like no other. We are a very crafty and hands-on family.

Parties, cooking, baking, babies, home, health, fitness and fashion is the usual table talk we can’t get enough of. There is just so much to go around with so many of us.

I myself am super OCD. I absolutely love organizing and designing. Real-life Tetris is the name of my game!

With that being said, I live off of lists and daydream all day of how I can better my family’s lifestyle and home. I spend hours exploring products and searching for the best.

I am all about QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY and economic prices. If there is something better (per my own standards) and cheaper, I WILL FIND IT!!!

I go for what I believe is the best or the nicest whether it cost me .99cents or $1,000. I totally disregard brands and trends. I rather challenge them.

At the end of the day my priorities are my husband, son and the tranquility of our home. Home to me is a healthy place where I can go to at the end of the day to find peace, love, safety and most importantly, GOD.


My past working experiences and desire to grow make me the Entrepreneur I am today, not my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud to have my degree and highly grateful for the education I have received. However, I am one of the many college graduates whose degree has gotten them absolutely nowhere. I was completely lost after graduation in regards to finding a job that I was “qualified” for. There are no such positions or internships for “Entrepreneurs”.

Unlike nursing, teaching, engineering, etc. there just isn’t a direct path for “Entrepreneurship”. I was always over or under qualified for any positions I came across that would have lead me to a corporate career. Perhaps I didn’t search well.

I did very much enjoy and appreciate my core classes in college, which provided me with the experience necessary to expand my mind and do what I do today.

I was previously employed in the Fast-Food industry for five years towards the end of high school and throughout all of college. Meanwhile, I also consulted in real estate and later became a Realtor. I decided to make a move towards the corporate world when I was offered a position as a Visual Merchandizing lead for a large retailer. I was later offered the role of Director of Business Development and Growth for a large real estate franchise. 

I now solely take on project based jobs. I assist in the development, creation and growth of small business and lead projects for larger ones including real estate.

Being an Entrepreneur to me means having a passion for businesses and their growth as a whole and not being attached to a specific product or business. I see “business” otherwise known to me as OPPORTUNITIES everywhere and anywhere.

Bring me a product or idea and I will help you grow it!