Baby and Child Play Mats

Boy do we love these cushion and stylish play mats?!

They are perfect for tummy time, early sitters, crawlers, walkers and even for adults to workout on. Rugs are cute but not the most hygienic.

Our two favorites are from House of Noa and Berry Lane Kids.

House of Noa mats are super playful tiles that you piece together and arrange to your liking or fitting. They are very similar to the alphabetical colorful ones, but more stylish. We purchased two sets of six to cover the baby’s room. Each set of six is $99, which comes out to a little over $200. I personally think the price is not bad, however Amazon has pretty amazing dupes for a quarter of the price. You can literally purchase four or more sets for the same quality and price. (I just really needed this pattern lol)

Amazon Dupes:

Berry Lane Kids mats are reversible and portable, our two favorite things about these. These are perfect for the living room because you can have two versions (like a day side and night side or a formal side and playful side). You can easily roll them up and travel with them. The Berry Lane Kids brand is one of the most popular for this type of mat. You can find them on Amazon,, and many children’s stores. However, Amazon carries many other brands with a lot more variety. Most mats on Amazon are all around the same price of $150 and quite comparable in quality and size. All you have to do to find them is search for “Reversible baby play mats” or click on the links bellow.