Natural Newborn and Baby Natural Remedies

As previously mentioned, I am no doctor or any type of health care worker/specialist. The following remedies are those that I follow and believe in from experience and family tradition. They have saved me many times and I have made sure to have them handy every day since expecting my first born.  All babies differ and so will their reactions to any of these remedies. With that being said, please use them at your own discretion.

Tea remedies for moms to drink:

  • Red raspberry leaf tea is a MUST for uterus support. Even prior to pregnancy this tea is known for aiding in cramps and much more during menstural cycles. Over all it strengthens the uterus and helps prepare it for birth. 
  • Mother’s Milk aids in the production of breast milk
  • Camomile tea will help say “filter breastmilk”. Camomile tea is awesome for breastfeeding moms when they feel they have ate too much junk food or greasy food or any food in general that may cause gassiness or colic to the baby. I am not saying you can eat whatever you want and then have a cup of tea, but it definetly minimizes the effects “bad foods” can have on breastfed babies.

Tea remedies for everyone in general but useful for babies and safe to give to newborns in monitored quantities:

(When serving baby, I like to infuse the water to a lightly tinted color and serve about an ounce in baby’s milk for daily use or make it really concentrated and put about 2.5-5ml  to serve as needed. These are natural teas/herbs, which in general can be safe if consumed in high quantities.)

  • Oregano tea can be used specially in the early newborn stages to strengthen babies’ tummies. This is a life saver if you have a gassy and colicky baby. 
  • Ramon tea is a great medicinal alternative for diarrhea, vomiting and stomach aches. (Spit up and vomit is very common in babies so learn to distinguish unusual vomiting. Always seek your pediatrician’s advice for any serious medical troubles as serious diarrhea and vomiting could be a sign of greater issues. Switching to sensitive formula for formula-fed babies can also be the answer for continuous vomiting)
  • Prune tea will help produce stools. The number one source for me as a mom to monitor the health of my baby has been his stools. Making sure to have regular stools is important to me. Therefore, I use prune tea whenever I feel it’s been too long since my child has had a stool. I make this one VERY concentrated. I purchase the bag of pitted prunes from Costco and mash 1-2 in about 10-16 oz of boiling water until it is really dark and put 5ml in my baby’s drink and he usually passes a stool within the hour or two. If not, I just keep serving it in every bottle until he goes. Somehow it regulates his stools and they go back to his normal pattern.

Other remedies:

  • Gripe water works miracles in fussy, colicky and gassy babies. It is also made from natural herbs and can be purchased at most supermarkets and pharmacies. Episodes of fussiness much like colic usually fade away with age. Fussiness usually consists of a whiney and crying baby mainly at or near bed time that cries, tosses and can’t be settled down for no real reason. Before you freak out because your baby is fed, burped, changed, etc. and won’t stop crying or settle down for no apparent reason, try a dose of gripe water. It won’t hurt to try it if not necessary.
  • Mint tea or Yerba Buena tea can be placed in baby’s bath to relax and sooth baby.
  • Breastmilk… Saving the best for last! In case you haven’t heard, it really is liquid gold! You can place breastmilk directly on baby acne and eczema or rashes to help them go away. You can even use it to clear your own skin! The best is that rather than tossing away your expired or soon to expire or contaminated breastmilk, you can use it for a milk bath on baby. Putting breastmilk in baby’s bath with help baby avoid rashes.

I really hope you find this useful and your baby(ies) continue to be healthy and strong!

Feel free to share any other amazing remedies with us in the comments bellow.

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